February is going to be soooo awesome
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Hey sweet pea’s !

I’m working hard on perfecting my debut novel so it will be ready for you all when it comes out… I have also been preparing to go to RT in May of this year and also to the Indie Tea event in June and I am beyond excited! I hope to you there!

I have some new teasers coming up soon too, and check this out:


The $50 Amazon gift card is still up for grabs on my facebook page, so go check that out!


Have you seen Mika’s Blurb?

“Yes, I am filthy rich. I work my ass off. I have everything that money can buy. My reputation in this town precedes me. Some say that I have the Midas touch. And when it comes to women, they are all putty in my hands. One touch and they all submit to me. Never in my life have I ever had to put in any effort to have a woman spread her legs for me. But I have never wanted any of them for more than a night… (or morning…or afternoon…)
Until her…
Every single molecule of her being calls to me. Her spirit, her beauty, her intelligence, that sassy mouth. She is the first woman who has consumed my thoughts. She is more than my match. She has wrecked me, and I must make her mine by any means necessary. And not even the demons of my past nor the skeletons in my closet will stop me from conquering her, body, mind and soul… ~Mika Kingsley.

And Raeva’s blurb

Have you ever been touched by someone who can play your body like a virtuoso plays an instrument?
Don’t worry, up until very recently, my answer was “no” too…
I have always been a “by the book” type of girl. I need structure, I need a plan, I need everything in its place. At least, that is what I have always believed. Until him…
From the very first moment he walked into my life, he has caused chaos and disarray. He’s used to getting what he wants and he has made no secret of the fact that what he wants, is me.
Physically and emotionally, he takes me places I have only dreamed about. And wrong has never felt so right. The filthy things that fall from his beautiful lips should put me off, but instead they excite me…
Mika Kingsley is sexy, powerful and all consuming, He is everything I shouldn’t want and everything I never knew I needed. And, I know that I should be staying away from him.
He’s making it impossible to deny him, and frankly I don’t think I want to…

Okay, back to writing for me!

XOXO  Haylee

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