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Hey sweet pea’s!

So, I have been very busy lately and I have been slacking in keeping up with the blog. I am determined to do at least a weekly update. (I’ll really try, lol)

So I am currently working on multiple projects, one of which is a book that I am co-writing with the incredible Mickole Bernard. And guys, I think you’ll love it! It will be a novella and it is titled “Lucky #13” ….

“The beard” is another project I am working on and this will not be part of the Kingsley series, it is a standalone.

Then of course, there is book 2 of the Kingsley series, which is also looking to be very promising 😉

I’m also doing a giveaway campaign on my Facebook page, you could win a $50 Amazon gift card! so go check it out!

So as a little treat for you, I wanted to show you a little of the progress made… I have been working on book 0.5 (which will be the prequel to book 1) and my very talented and very favorite designer Lee Ching (for under cover designs) has outdone herself once again! It is still a little too early to show you all the whole thing, but here is a tiny peek.

before tomorrow




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