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About Haylee

Before Haylee Thorne was imported (; D) from Amsterdam (The Netherlands), she was living a nomad kind of life, always traveling, resulting in a whopping 32 countries she has visited. Originating from Europe, the talent of speaking multiple languages comes naturally. Haylee speaks five languages fluently enough to order her trademark mimosa in nearly any language 🙂 After finally ( and subsequently kissing many frogs) meeting her husband, she settled in the United States, and she decided to set down roots starting a career in healthcare. Haylee is a proud RN, adores her job, and lives happily in Kentucky. With the art of writing flowing through her veins, and the appetite for devouring books since she has been very young; Ms. Thorne decided to embark on a writing journey like no other. Very new to the genre of romance, Haylee will be releasing her very first novel, part of the highly anticipated “Kingsley” series in the very near future. Also, Haylee is working on a couple more projects, all of which promise to be very AWESOME. STAY TUNED!


Writing has always been a great passion for Haylee, for the longest time it has just been songs and short stories.Building the Kingsley universe has opened up a whole new world and Haylee has finally entered the world of novelists 🙂

World Traveler

Haylee has always been an avid traveler and is hoping to relay the things she has experienced during her travels in her novels.

Registered Nurse

Some people don't have any passions, some have a single passion, and that's a beautiful thing...Haylee has not one but two great passions in her life; writing and taking care of people. Which is why a career in healthcare has been a blessing.

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